Build a Twitter dashboard with bubble / python / cloud function

Aurélien Roblin
6 min readMay 26, 2022

Discover this simple stack that uses NoCode, Python, Cloud and Serverless computing to build great web apps.

Most use cases of a web application are to get information from the user, retrieve data, process data, and return the result. With this stack you can easyly do this, whitout know enything about front web. Just a little bit of python.

For example, if you are a back end programmer and have a lot of scripts hidden in multiple jupyter notebooks, it is perfect for publicizing your projects.

What we will to use ?

Front and database : Bubble — a very powerfull nocode app builder :

Fetch data : Python with tweepy library + API twitter :

Deploy script : GCP Cloud function — a serverless cloud tools who give us the possibility of trigger a script by HTTP :

What we going to build ?

A small application that displays the data of a Twitter user. You can look the result here (this is an improved version of the application that we are going to build in this tutorial, but the principle is the same):

In this tutorial I do nothing with the data but we can imagine adding ML for example, to add functionalities, only your imagination is the limit !

Global Goal : Be able to connect our python scripts to Bubble

Steps :

  • Build a python script for retrieve data
  • Make this script an API
  • Connect this API to Bubble
  • Display data on Bubble

Tools :

  • Twitter API
  • Tweepy (python library)
  • Cloud function
  • Bubble

Requirement :

Let’s start !

Step 1 — Build python script

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